Isola 2024


After 3 years finally I realise my dream object. The sofa has always symbolized a space for both connection and solitude, a small sanctuary where intimacy and warmth thrive.

“Our destiny lies within our grasp, and it is incumbent upon us to devise new interpretations for it. Sentience is the awareness of one’s existence and actions in the moment they occur. A sentient being acknowledges this condition and reacts accordingly. Often, I ponder whether we exhibit sentience towards our environment or even comprehend the essence of ‘prola’ itself. I strongly believe that we must reshape the world with the available resources in mind, as our reserves dwindle. When art and design merely follow market trends without regard for the resources they consume, we face dire consequences. For years, my project has endeavored to recycle waste from the paper industry in Lucca. ‘Senziente’ exemplifies how we can reimagine furniture, even on the scale of a sofa. The aim is to foster an interactive relationship between the object and its user, one that redefines theconnection between the human and object worlds. We must cultivate an intimate rapport with objects, instilling in us a profound appreciation for our existence.Although this future may currently seem unattainable, we must relentlessly strive to better it.”